Confusion for non-technical PM

Attempting to set up a basic chain between two or more LLMS where we test different system prompts and outputs with different human messages entered into chat. Are we even doing this right?

  1. I got an input.key error so just typed in input.key test and that cleared it, but I don’t know what an input key is and documentation did not explain this.
  2. I am attempting to run two linked LLMs for a basic test with memory and the bot does not behave at all as instructed. It does not respond to a manual trigger with anything other than one-liners.

workflow -

Running in chrome.

Hi @CMans :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

I’m not too sure what you’re trying to do with this sequence, but it looks like you’re not sending a dynamic input to input.key test :see_no_evil:

Here’s a few pages of documentation on how expressions work, that might help sort this out for you:

Thanks for the warm welcome. All I’m trying to do is chain several LLMs together using logic in the prompt to drive a chat interaction for our app. We want to be able to preview the interaction from your chat interface. No coding, ideally no expressions unless required.

Hey @CMans,

To run through your original questions the input.key error is likely talking about the value in the text field this what is being used and passed to the Model. Most of the time this would contain either a fixed message or a dynamic value like the output of the chat message. If you were to use the chat output you would need to set this to {{ $json.input }} which will contain the chat message from the user.

If you try the workflow below it gets you a bit closer but the prompts will still need some work to achieve what you are after, It may be worth running though the level 1 n8n course to learn more about how data is sent between nodes and how it can be manipulated if needed as you will need to use expressions to reference this data.

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