Connect Mattermost & Slack

I would like to connect Mattermost and Slack channels and hence looking for a way to nicely get Mattermost message, once it’s posted to a specific channel (via Outgoing hooks of MM) and transfer it (ideally, without much fuss) to Slack (that part is easy).

Same with Slack - get Slack message (using they Outgoing Webhooks) and pass (again, ideally, without parsing JSON and other complications) to Mattermost.

I searched, but didn’t find any recipes; I understand how to make it the hard way (process webhooks, do the function to parse and extract the message), but I would love to have an easier way to do thing, if possible.

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Hey @alexander-potemkin,

Love the idea! I am afraid that there are no example workflows and you would have to create them scratch. I took a quick look at the Mattermost documentation and it mentions that the payload is compatible with Slacks payload. This means that you may not have to write any code. You can simply pass on the payload, and it should be rendered correctly.
Here’s the link to the documentation: Outgoing Webhooks — Mattermost documentation

thanks, @harshil1712 - I missed the Slack compatibility and it might be actually a thing, appreciate that!

One more question thought - were there any discussions earlier about special functionality to enable data filtering? The more workflows I build the more I see that my JavaScript code only do one or another way of data filtering and processing - guess I’m not the only one here?

…and one more thing: how can I transfer full Mattermost webhook payload to Slack, without any modifications or re-composing it with expressions?
It seems like for now I can not do that, can’t I?

If you want to send the full webhook payload, you would have to use the HTTP Request node. I don’t think with the Slack node you will be able to send the whole payload.

Got it, thank you!
And getting back to my question on data filtering - is there any plans for a dedicated data data filtering capabilities?

Hey @alexander-potemkin,

Sorry I missed your question. We have released the Item Lists node that does data transformation without the need to code!

We are working on adding more such nodes, if you have anything specific in mind, do create a feature request! :slight_smile:

got it, thanks!

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