Connect to MS Excel Online

Is there a tutorial that details how to connect to an instance of MS Excel online, make edits or pull data from any sheet. I’d like to have a scenario where I have a master excel file, for every request I need, I make a copy of that, rename it and input data to specific fields to allow me to run some functions on that excel.

Is this something that we can do currently?

Did you check the Microsoft Excel node?

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@RicardoE105 how do I get more info on how to make operations like COPY, APPEND, Rename e.t.c?

You can already append data using the operation Add Row. Copy and Rename have to be added, though. You can extend the current functionality.

I just had a quick look at the API.

You can update (rename) probably with this endpoint:

To copy, though, there does not seem to be an endpoint.

Either way, I had a quick look. I might have missed it.

You can either do it yourself or make a feature request. If you are interested in doing it yourself, you can find a good starting point in the link below. Keep in mind the tutorial is starting from scratch. In your case, you need to add a couple of endpoints, and most of the work is already there.

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Thanks for the quick response. My skill level on this is pretty green.

I need to have a way to make updates on a pre-existing worksheet with formula. Ideally I’d want to make a copy of it so I retain the master. I’d then make specific changes to selected fields and then go to a tab and extract values that have been saved from all the functions.

Basically trying to offset a lot of computation to an Excel sheet, input data in the fields and extract the result which is saved on a worksheet.

I won’t be adding new rows but making changes on existing ones so the function generates new output.

I see. In that case, you might want to update records. When I developed the node, there was no endpoint to update records. However, it has been some time since then, so it might be posible to do it today.

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Thanks, will be on the lookout for that.
Do you think it makes sense to perform a workbook copy or I can have a master workbook on my backend, perform an upload into the drive, use it’s ID to then make the UPDATE calls?

I haven’t seen any COPY workbook API docs

Hey @churcho!

Was your issue resolved? If yes, can you please share the solution so that others can benefit as well :slight_smile: