Connection between automations (n8n, other)

Hello, I have a question about communication between automations.
For example, one automation passes data to another.
Data is sent from the http module and received by webhook.
has it happened to someone that the automation did not receive all the data.
For example, I am sending information from four Airtable rows. The first and fourth rows or only the first row have arrived. The rest of the information did not come at all. Does anyone have an idea what can be done about this? automation is supposed to work on its own without human intervention, so it cannot lose information.

Hi @Max_T

There is probably no other option than to check your workflows and see what it is doing. I guess something isnt set up 100% right.

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Previously, nothing popped up for me, and now I get information:

“cause”: {
“error”: {
“options”: {}

I sent three rows from airtable. Received one for the rest just returned something like this

I have connected n8n with pabbly. on the pabbly side you can see that one row has been sent, while on the integromat side it showed me 2 errors and one successs

Each of the lines is sent through the same node in the configuration automation. One row reaches pabbly and the other does not. Could it be a problem with the frequency of shipping. My point is that pabbly may not be able to keep up with the data reception

I wonder how the http module sent data. whether the row information is sent individually or whether the rows are sent together. If the rows are sent together maybe pabli can’t handle it and fetches the first row and skips the rest. or something else