Connection lost

@rafas thank you so much! This helped me resolve issues with our Kubernetes deployment. This should be included in the official documentation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The recent versions of the Kubernetes Nginx Ingress Controller updated their annotation schema, causing many of the recommended configurations you will find online to not work.

Make sure to use the new annotation format: has become


So I am seeing this as well, only I don’t have any reverse proxies involved. I saw this behaviour on my local docker so it didn’t even leave my machine. Ran great for a day, came in the next day and it’s not working. Moved it off to another docker server, same thing worked great for a day and then no beuno.

Is the log container still a thing? Obviously, I can’t change compression settings but am seriously toying with setting up Traefik just to see if it makes a difference. I come from node-red, so was looking forward to see what it can do with less work :smiley:

Hi @rxc3ntr1c, welcome to the community!

I am very sorry for the trouble. Seeing this is a rather old thread and n8n has changed a lot since this first came up, could you open a new thread with detailed steps on how to reproduce the problem?

Thank you so much!