Convert Expression directly to ISO String

Is it possible to convert an Expression directly in Set node?

Example: {{$node["Hubspot"].json["properties"]["notes_last_updated"]["value"]}} is a timestamp from Hubspot I need converted to ISO Date Time.

Tried several combinations with .toISOString() but it does not work…

@Jakob_Tiebel {{new Date($node["Hubspot"].json["properties"]["notes_last_updated"]["value"]).toISOString()}} Im assuming the notes_last_updated.value is in milliseconds.

Hi @RicardoE105. Many thanks. Not sure if millisec. Damn, forgot the new Date(). :exploding_head:
But sadly does not work… This is how the value looks like…


What operation are you using in the HubSpot node? So that I can have a proper look.

Hubspot node, get, additional fields, properties, “Last Activity Date” and “Last Modified Date”.
The expression of these two fields i want to convert to ISO Date/ Time in a set node

ahh was not working cuz HubSpot is returning the timestamp as a string and the new Date function needs the timestamp as a number. Basically, the same I suggested before just that now it’s mapping the value from string to an integer.

{{new Date(parseInt($node["Hubspot"].json["properties"]["lastmodifieddate"]["value"])).toISOString()}}

May thanks for checking again. Now it works fine!