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Good morning n8n community! How are you?

I wanted to tell you that I have a problem, possibly it is easy to solve but I have tried in many ways and I cannot find a way to avoid it. The question is that from a certain process I am copying data to some sheets but when I get to the “Create ticket” node it copies the data one line below and I can’t get it to copy it on the same line, if I put the node parallel to the Set, it copies the data on the same line but I do not get the result of the ticket number, and if I remove the ticket number from the Set node and pause the Jira Node that searches for me, it copies the “Si” ( yes) on the same line, the inconvenience is when I put the Jira node (the same thing happened to me with the Gmail node) I copied it one line below.

Thank you very much for your help always!

Hello, this is all still very new to me but maybe the error is within the expression you provided when creating the ticket that gives it the extra line. Another thing you could try is using a function node to manually remove the extra line.
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We would need a little more info on the workflow and what is going on to help.

Can you post the workflow? And some sample data to have a look?

Good morning @BramKnuever @Cashew how are you?! I was able to solve it in the following way: adding one more Read Sheets and then filtering again to take only one user, in this way I was able to get everything written on the same line.
Thank you very much for your help!

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