Copy images and send workflow


I wish to copy I batches of my images , to be zipped and transfer . May I check what type of nodes r suitable for copy images file ? For node on compress and ftp I can find. Thanks

Hey @lchunleo!

Are you getting the images from the internet via a URL or do you want to get them from your local machine? If you want to get them from your local machine, you will have to run n8n locally to fetch the images or upload them to a service like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc, so that n8n can fetch them. Please let us know how you’re running n8n and from where you want to fetch the images.

Thanks. It will be my local directory , and the destination will be another machine directory via ftp

You can use the Read Binary File node or the Read Binary Files node (in case of multiple files) to fetch the files from your local machine. You can then use the Compression node to create a .gzip or .zip and then the FTP node to upload it to your FTP server.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: