#corse-level-1 | issue unique_id custom-erp-project

guys I started the beginner course for the platform. I have a problem making the HTTP request on the link it runs the node but returns a unique _id error :

“error”: “Please provide the correct Unique ID.”

Hey @gustavohn-motta, are you still blocked here? Just noticed that you have finished all the course milestones, and just need to pass the quiz to get the certification :slight_smile:

Yes! I located the problem that was in the header authentications. as I progressed through the course I got the hang of it ^^

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regarding the certificate, it is possible to check how many questions I got right on the test.?

Glad to hear that everything worked out! Sure, you can check your progress and score from the last attempt of the quiz here: n8n Course Certificate Verification :slight_smile: