#corse-level-1 | issue unique_id custom-erp-project

guys I started the beginner course for the platform. I have a problem making the HTTP request on the link it runs the node but returns a unique _id error :

“error”: “Please provide the correct Unique ID.”

Hey @gustavohn-motta, are you still blocked here? Just noticed that you have finished all the course milestones, and just need to pass the quiz to get the certification :slight_smile:

Yes! I located the problem that was in the header authentications. as I progressed through the course I got the hang of it ^^

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regarding the certificate, it is possible to check how many questions I got right on the test.?

Glad to hear that everything worked out! Sure, you can check your progress and score from the last attempt of the quiz here: n8n Course Certificate Verification :slight_smile:

I also went through the page procedure “1. Getting Data From the Data Warehouse | Docs” Unfortunately, however, he may have entered both url and unique personal id, the following error appears “ERROR: UNKNOWN ERROR - check the detailed error for more information
Authorization data is wrong!” I don’t know how to go on anymore. I even checked my unique id on n8n Course Certificate Verification, It appears to me that the certificate with ID is not recognized and is not yet issued to anyone.

Hey @dynaMiko,

What are you adding for the authentication? You need to create new credentials using the credentials shared there and you also need to add your unique ID in the header parameters.

I just tested the API and it is working fine.

sorry I solved it by myself I was wrong with the procedure thanks anyway

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