Couchbase Database

Has anybody been able to successfully connect to Couchbase from n8n? And if so, are you willing to share your insights with me? Thanks in advance.

Had never tried before but they have documentation online. Here for example of their N1QL REST API Documentation.

Here are two nodes that I configured accordingly. One returns all the buckets and the other one runs a search query (I tested with their “travel-sample”). All you have to do, is to create Basic Auth credentials which use your Couchbase user + password, and then it should work:


@jan thanks very much! Unfortunately, I’m still getting an ECONREFUSED, but that’s probably some wrong or missing setting in my couchdb-server in my self-hosted BudiBase setup …

Enjoy your holidays!

Best regards, Dick

You are welcome.

Important to mention is that I tested with Couchbase, not CouchDB. Tested by running their default Docker image.

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Hi @jan thanks for pointing this out to me. I was so buzzy trying out so many different things, that I totally overlooked that Couchbase and CouchDB are actually two different products. I’m sure I’m going to figure it out now.

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