Could I use webhook to get json information?

Webhook is just for “start node”
Could I send http “get event” to get some information? This occur like “middle node”.

Do sadly not understand what you want to do exactly. Can you please give an example. Thanks!

Ah, it is like a webhook node to get info, but not be in start position
In this case I get info of channel by “slack node”


Still not 100% I understand you correctly but if you want to get information/data from somewhere else, you can use the HTTP Request node.

What is not possible is to have another Webhook-Node it the flow which keeps the workflow “waiting” till additional information got received. The only way to achieve something like that, is to create a second workflow which gets then started again by another Webhook-Node.

Yeah, exactly.
Sorry, because when I used on zapier, everything on “http request” is on “webhook” zap
I missed this word of node

No problem at all. A lot of nodes and every project uses other terms.

Happy that we could figure it out.

Have fun!