Course 2 Issues?

I am a new and recent user of n8n really trying to get my hands dirty and learn as much as I can about the program. While trying to learn it I was wondering something about the courses. They seem to be in need of updating.

i noticed a few things as ive been trying to do course 2:

From workflow 2:
“Use the Write Binary File node to create and store files with the orders information. In the File Name field, use an expression to include the oder id in the file name, like this: report_orderID{oder_id}.json (you need to replace the {order id} with the reference the Move Binary Data node).”

This was in the directions, i see a typo in the report_orderID{oder_id}

also replacing it with the reference to the move binary data node it doesnt give you a schema and doesnt tell you how to reference it correctly.

And there is no course-level-2 discord channel

Are these things that a user should understand how to solve at the level of doing course 2? How would you guys recommend getting started to be good at this program if I’m a brand new user and my coding knowledge is slim (mostly just blender python lol)?

Hey @Colin_Kidwell,

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

There are a few issues with the course that we are aware of but have not updated yet. It should still mostly all be possible to do apart form the poem api as that doesn’t exist anymore.

That typo is annoying, we don’t go into detail on how to reference the data from the other node as that is something you would have done during the level one course, we could add a link to the docs though as a reminder.

The level 2 discord channel was intentionally hidden, I am not sure why though.