CRC Twitter response challenge

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Last year, I managed to create a Twitter webhook on n8n. That wasn’t really the hard part though, the real “challenge” was to make sure it would stay alive. Twitter uses a CRC (challenge response check)

Challenge-Response Checks. In order to verify that you are both the owner of the app and the webhook URL, Twitter will perform a Challenge-Response Check (CRC), which is not to be confused with a cyclic redundancy check. When a CRC is sent, Twitter will make a GET request of your web app with a ; crc_token parameter .

Securing webhooks | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform
I had no idea how to solve it, but just through figuring it out through trial and error. The final workflow is quite easy!

Are more people interested in this? I’m happy to share the workflow as a template (is there a way to send one in?).

Best, Milan

template posted here: Twitter: Challenge-Response Check (CRC) for Twitter Webhook - Workflow -


Hi @bees8, awesome to hear you figured it out and thank you so much for sharing your workflow with the community!

You can either share it here on the forum. If you paste your workflow here using this button it will be previewed right on the page so other users can explore it straight away:

Alternatively you can share it as a workflow template by following these steps:

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Thanks @MutedJam !

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Here we go!

Twitter: Challenge-Response Check (CRC) for Twitter Webhook - Workflow -


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I just make a crc workflow like yours, but my problem is that response time is more than 3 secs.

My n8n server is hosted on DigitalOcean and the resource seem adequate. Do you have any suggestion?

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Okay, I change the EXECUTIONS_PROCESS from own to main, and the latency became less than 1 second, wow!

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Did you use my CRC template? I’m interested to know whether it is helpful to people :slight_smile:

Hi bees8,

Actually, I wrote it by myself, but it looks just like yours.

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