Create a customfield with TheHive node

Hi, i was wondering if there is a way to add a customfield when deploying a case create action with TheHive node, cant find it in the additional fields and i don’t know how manualy put it in a http node.

k.r Ruben

Welcome to the community @Ruben

There is a PR open that adds custom fields to the node. In the meantime you can check the example below to send the custom field using the HTTP Request node.

  "title": "asa",
  "description": "sas",
  "severity": 2,
  "date": 1625248264000,
  "tags": [
  "tlp": 2,
  "status": "New",
  "type": "asas",
  "source": "asa",
  "sourceRef": "aserefrtas",
  "follow": true,
  "customFields": {
    "testing": {
      "string": "qsasas"
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Were you able to figure it out?

Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the fast response. And yes, matter of fact, i did! thanks a lot.
The flow is now working the way it should. I had to figure out how i could get some (ticket) api response data into a customfield as a refference, between the case and the ticket.

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