Create integration flow in SOAP WSDL


I need to create an automation flow to make some SOAP WSDL requests using N8N.

Please if you have knowledge and are available send your whatsapp or telegram.

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WSDL isn’t a request, it is the specification of the Soap API. So what is it that you actually expect?
Could you please explain?

It would really be an integration. I basically need to create requests through this API and get the information that will be returned by the API after creating the request.
Here we have the API documentation.
The requests I need to create are:

  • Consult Products;
  • Insert Order;
  • Consult Tracking

Request data will be entered manually, such as SKU and Value…

Ah ok that makes sense.
Sadly I am not available at the moment. If you still need help in a month or 2 send me a DM and we can have a chat.

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Ok, thanks @BramKn

Olá @RafaelOliveiraz, tudo bem? Conseguiu um expert para este projeto? Se precisar ainda, estou disponível. Chama no Whats.


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Olá , acabei de te enviar uma mensagem no Whats.


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Done Project!

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still looking for help?

Hi @Edmunds_Priede was able to help with this project, but thanks for getting in touch