Create Telegram channel post forwarder to another channel

Hello friends

Could you please help me create a workflow that forwards new posts from a public Telegram channel, to my own public Telegram channel.

The n8n Telegram trigger needs a credential so I’m not sure which credential since the source Telegram channel is not owned by my Telegram account. Is there a listening functionality or something else I could use to create this forward?

Thank you very much

Hi @biznetcom, the credentials required for both the Telegram trigger node as well as the regular Telegram node are bot tokens. The process of acquiring such a token is described here: Telegram - n8n Documentation

However, from a quick Google search, it seems that bots can no longer join public channels via an invite link. So you’d have to ask the admin of the channel you want to monitor to add your bot in the first place. You can then use the telegram trigger node to start your workflow on new channel posts.

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