Creating and Verifying Amazon SES Email Addresses [GOT CREATED]

Hi all!

I was wondering if two things were possible with the Amazon SES node:

  1. Can I create what the Amazon SES docs call a “Custom Email Verification Template” (see this doc)
  2. Can I automatically send that Template to a user when they provide their email as an identity that I can send from on their behalf? (see this doc)

I know I can send templated emails, but not sure if the Amazon SES node is currently able to create a verification template for users to verify their email. This paragraph in the documentation sums up what I’m trying to do:

Hello @pford

Sadly, those two endpoints are not currently supported. Should not be difficult to add. You can a make a feature request.

@pford got created. If you can test it locally and provide feedback will be awesome. We will let you know when is released.


Oh man this is awesome! @RicardoE105 you are the man! I’m using right now, but I will try and set up a local instance to test with!

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Got released with [email protected]

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