Creating your own template database

I noticed the possibility of a template base and the ability to specify your server for it (N8N_TEMPLATES_HOST).
But when I specify my own server, I just get a connection error on the templates page. Tell me how can I make a template from the current Workflows and then place it in the templates tab and use it to create new Workflows?
I didn’t find any documentation for this function, so I’m asking here.

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That env var you referenced is intended to completely override the default templates source, so usecase would be an org that wants to maintain their own templates source entirely (intranet style).

If that still sounds relevant, the fastest way to infer the correct schema for the templates call would be to inspect our official endpoint and then use a tool that can serve that schema (were using Strapi). I do expect we’ll have docs on this in future, but atm is not a documented feature since it’s a less common case (and feature just recently launched). Hope that info helps!


Thanks for the pointer to Strapi, it looks like a really great tool in general, and a great way to get a custom Templates Library built! Out of curiosity, are you using v3 or v4?

I’m going to look into replicating the schema from, and if I get it to work, I’ll export it to a git repo so folks can try it out locally.


No problem Ian - I just checked with Engineering and we are currently using v3 of Strapi in production but will be updating to V4 in the next weeks (have it on v4 on staging right now). I can’t say for certain but I don’t expect the schema to change between this upgrade since it still has to support all n8n versions that have Templates Library feature.
Looking forward to that schema - can imagine some folks in community can realize some pretty cool usecases with that!

@Ian_Walls Did you manage to replicate the schema?

@maxT Is there a way to clone your Strapi project to create a feed of our own content? It will help us all.

Unfortunately, I have not had the time of late to work on this further. I did some experiments a while back, and found the schema was pretty rich (and thus complicated to mimic), but I never got so far as a (partially) working example connected to an N8N instance.

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Creating a copyable strapi project isn’t on our immediate roadmap, however I will let our team know about this request!