Credential created via API, but how to trigger connect via API also (Shopify oauth2)?

Hey guys,

Could anyone point me to how I can programatically “connect” an oauth2 credential (Shopify) that I’ve created via API? Right now I can see it in the “Credentials” list. Everything works if I click the connect button manually, but I’ll like to be able to do this programatically via API too.

Reason is that I’m trying to have multiple Shopify users use a workflow, and I’ll like them to authenticate via oauth2 flow.

Any help to point me in the right direction would be most appreciated!

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Hey @pttb,

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I am not sure using an API call to connect an account would work as it would require user input to complete, One thing you could do is give the users the link or provide them access to the credentials section. There are some special options available for embed as well which could help.


Hey @Jon,

Thanks for this! Quick clarification - when you say give the users the link, could you explain how this is done (or point me to some documentation)?

If I can get the link to just one credential for the user to click connect, that would be perfect!