Cron job duplicated running when import workflow for update


I have 2 jobs which run by cron and are activated.
I have the same n8n to devel platform and production platform. I export workflow from the devel and import files to production.
If I have active workflow (cron) in production the new import duplicate the active workflow. So the same workflow is running at the same time twice.

I must stop and restart n8n to remove duplicate cron process.

Hey @vdeapps_vdeapps!

Did restarting n8n solve your issue? Are you still facing the problem?

I tried to switch button active/deactive workflow but it’s tha same issue.
It seems restarting n8n fix issue.

That’s interesting. I am glad that it is now working for you! :slight_smile:

Can you share the steps that you carried out? This will help us recreate the issue and find bugs if any.