CRON node error


I have an error sometimes with my workflow with no reason.
It starts by a cron trigger every minutes and then pull new Gmail message (with official node).

An error workflow starts after and displays :
“The workflow named ‘connecteur_gsuite’ with the ID 2 has
encountered an error. The last node that was executed was Cron.”

I don’t understand why there is a issue with this execution while next execution works.

When I check execution logs on the web interface I see errors and “unknown” status as you can see :

n8n is deployed with docker-compose and I defined a 20s timeout for this workflow.

Did you already see this issue, and how to remediate?


Hey @non0!

Are you experiencing the same behavior when the timeout is not set?

I have disabled the timeout to check.
But my workflow have an average of 0.7 second so I don’t understand why sometimes it can take more than 20 seconds to start a cron :confused: