Cron runs if ...?

Hello, quick question. I have configured a cron node that will run every minute.

After the cron node is started is connected to an HTTP request that gets data from a server to get a list of work to do. Then it starts a loop that itinerates and runs for every single item on the list. Sometimes, this work takes 2-3-4-5 minutes to complete, and other times it’s pretty fast.

If this “scenario” that started with the cron is still running the loop, will another scenario start to execute itself in a parallel scenario after the 1-minute cron has passed?

My idea is to run only one scenario/cron until this one finishes don’t start the next one, so I’m not sure if it’s already like that by default or if I have to manage to do a workaround.


I am just answering myself after some testing. Yes, the cron job will start no matters if there’s already a scenario running in the background.

I have found that adding a simple field in the external database yes/no if there’s any active running scenario and adding a condition in the scenario fixes the problem that I was having.


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