Cronjob failing, manual execution works

Hi, I have one of the newest versions of n8n, it’s running on macOS Docker.
I have a cronjob which runs every hour.
Here a screenshot of the executions:

The only thing this script does is fetching the output of a PHP file, which just returns a JSON with a few values:

The error I am getting when it’s run via cron is:

I wonder if you have any idea, why this is failing.
Could it be, because the speedtest takes a few seconds and the timeout is different? Is it a different process which can’t access the server?

Weird, after duplicating and changing the cronjob, it suddenly works, the original cronjob still doesn’t work, I don’t know why.

Screenshot 2023-01-23 at 18.36.25

Very strange. Honestly, sadly no idea why it would not work. Even more confused why duplicating the node would solve that issue.

so i did another test, it looks like “running it every hour” doesn’t work, but “running it every 60 minutes” works.

here you can see everything is succeeding and the x:55 is the speedtest script

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