Custom Bulk Email Verifier(Try It out here)

A few days ago IU shared a bulk email scraper from websites.

I have been working on an email verification tool and finally made it accessible via a simple API call This made it easy to integrate the API to other sources such as Appsmith. (Check out this working demo here Email Verifier I have limited the API calls to 100 calls each to prevent misuse. You can test it out in the meantime.), google sheets, databases
The workflow calls a custom tool API and returns the data. Plus a lot more.

You can also do a bulk verification to get an output such as this

If you would like access to the API endpoint get in touch with me at [email protected] whereby you can then verify your emails in bulk


The above workflow is using Appsmith as a front end for the internal use. The final app created will be using different front end.
Access to the API nd point can be requested via the above email address