Custom node:: cannot link node (Windows)


After running npm install n8n -g, the documentation for windows users says " Windows users remember to change into the .n8n directory of your Home folder (~/.n8n ) before running n8n start .".

I cannot find any .n8n folder. I cannot also find any .n8n/nodes from which to run npm link . The .n8n folder gets created only after running n8n start but there is no nodes folder.

How can I solve this?

Hey @am46,

The .n8n folder is hidden, It would be something like C:\Users\am46\.n8n you shouldn’t need to change into that folder first though. What documentation are you following?

for installing this doc npm - n8n Documentation

for building a custom node this doc Tutorial: Build a declarative-style node - n8n Documentation.

Build a declarative-style node > Test your node > 3. Install the node into your local n8n instance.

it does not exists I checked hidden folder. It gets created only after running n8n start but it has the following files-folders:


no nodes folder


That makes sense, So you might need to make the nodes directory manually and run npm init in it then do the link.

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