Custom node with "default" credentials

I want to develop a node where i want to have the option to select the predefined authentication types like this:


So actually i would only need to build my own node to run some heavy transformations but would like to reuse the oauth authentication type or maybe also force the oauth authentication type. I can not see how this could be done in the credentials-file.

Hey @azngeek, if you’d like to re-use OAuth logic for your credentials you can extend the existing oAuth2Api credentials. A bunch of existing n8n credentials do this, for example Raindrop: n8n/RaindropOAuth2Api.credentials.ts at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub

Thanks. This should be part of the documentation Credentials files - n8n Documentation

That is a good point, We don’t really document creating your own OAuth credentials. @deborah what do you think?