Customize Node Inferface?

Hi there, I have a question regarding the amount of control we have over the user interface of the Node Input/Output screen.

On the input side of things, I plan on having a large number of inputs for a custom node. Is there a way to place those inputs in different sections (that would have a header/divider)? This would make it easier to group relevant fields together.

On the output side of things, is there a way to create a custom view (alongside JSON and Table) for our output section? For example, I’m getting a very large JSON object back from an API call that I would like to format in a way that would make it easier for users to understand/read the output.


The current max number of input/outputs is 4. More will not be displayed.

Sadly do not understand what you mean with the “header/divider” part.

Sorry, but there is currently sadly no way to have a custom view.

Hi @jan, thanks for the reply! Sorry about the miscommunication, when I mentioned inputs, I should have said “user parameters”.

When you setup a node for the first time (or double click on a node), it brings up the setup page where there are user parameter fields on the left hand side. I plan on having a decent number of options available and I was curious if we had an option to add cosmetic headers/dividers to group similar fields together.

For example, when I add a “fixedCollection” object, a bolded title appears with a thin line. Is this something we can just add as a cosmetic?

Also, good to know about the custom views.


Ah ok, now I understand. I should really create some kind of glossary. Until I do that, it is more complicated than it has to be to describe something like that. I added it to my ToDo-List. Sorry about that!

What you describe does not exist yet as I never felt it was needed. Try always to add as few parameters as possible and then have options to add specific things. But can see how that can be helpful in some cases. It should not be very complicated so will also add that to my ToDo-List and try to create if I find some time.

What other things would be helpful for you? Mainly a headline? And then some kind of styling like bold, color, …?