Data limits in one execution

Hey, I am using the hosted version of n8n and I have this task, well I send a request to google calendar API and I get a response with a list of events. The problem is that google sends the user’s entire event history. I am testing the app on my calendar, which is not impressive and the files I receive are 20mb each… my users are people with impressive calendars. I’m wondering how big a file the hosted version of n8n will handle? Also, I would like to ask if the node with the ability to write code has limitations on the size of the JSON data packet processed?

Hi @manWithTheRedCar :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

Those certainly are some impressive calendars :sweat_smile:

It looks like you’re on n8n cloud starter, which may not be able to handle those files :bowing_man: You can try upgrading to a higher tier of cloud, or you may want to look into self-hosting for this.

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