Data sharing across Workflows - Not happening

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I am trying to break a large workflow into multiple small workflow for better reusability. Workflow A as a execute workflow on another workflow B but I am not seeing data being captured by workflow B. Can anyone help me here?

Please share your workflow

This is workflow A

Workflow B

Share the output returned by the last node

This is the data received by workflow B


Hi @seg_fault :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

I’ve made a quick example for you on how to use a sub-workflow and send that data to a workflow. Here’s the sub-workflow with the data:

And here is the main workflow:

You may need to take some data and use the Data Pinning feature to make sure you have some test data. Which might be a little tricky to do - you can take some data from your main workflow and copy and paste (like from the customer datastore node in the example), and then click this button to edit and add some pinned data:

You’ll want to click the pencil icon, and then the thumbtack icon to actually pin it.