Data too Large

Hello! So I am trying to access data from an Http request and it was able to gather the data successfully but my problem is, when I try to process them and use the “Set Node” it would say the “Data to Large” and I can’t view the data I am suppose to get. :slight_smile: Hoping for any opinion or solution I could implement to get over this problem :slight_smile:


If the data is to large it would currently make problems for the Expression-Editor that is why that is in place.

The only way around that right now is sadly to inspect the data outside of n8n by querying it with something like Postman and then build the expression manually.

Here documentation about expressions:

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Ah okay. Got it. Thanks @jan.

You are welcome.

It is planned to totally overhaul the Expression-Editor and this problem will then also disappear.

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Great to know! goodluck! and looking forward for it.

You can selects the “Nodes” option below the “Current Node” option, you can find the previous node by the name, there you can see the data and select the values you want to pass expression, expression would be created automatically. It’s a work around for the problem of data being to large at the input.

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