Date Conversions

I have a node that is trying to modify date formats. I have what I would expect to be correct, but N8N is converting fields without dates into dates… all over the place really. I screenshot really shows the problem with the incoming data and the converted data.

Similiar issue with this one… almost like I need a way to ignore the undefined cells?

Thank you.

Information on your n8n setup

@saica looks like your data in output is sorted differently, or am I overlooking something?

Thanks for the reply, dickhoning.

Yes, after some sleep, I see the output has only rows which contain a value in the Date & Time ‘value’.

I guess that brings up another question… how to bring all rows through, if possible at all.

@saica it looks indeed like you’re not looking at the same data here. For some reason it seems like the Date and time node is filtering our rows for you (see input 2980 items, output 317 items). Is that wanted behavior?

Hi Niklas_Hatje,

We replied at the same time. I noticed that as well. That is not wanted behavior. I’d prefer all rows to be parsed into output.

The only workaround I have found so far is to write the SpreadSheet file WITH empty cells… which causes the Date//Time to add “Invalid Date” to the field/cell. Then I use a set node to find “Invalid Date” and Replace with nothing.

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