Date time is returning 3 hours difference than it should be

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I’m trying to use the date & time node to return the now() date time. However, when I use the expression {{Date()}} on the node, the result, via expression, shows “Sat Dec 03 2022 19:14:38 GMT-0300 (Horário Padrão de Brasília)”, but when I execute the node, it shows “2022-12-03 22:12:00”, almost 3 hours more than it should be returning “2022-12-03 19:14:38”.

Please share the workflow

It’s returning the time in UTC. Your date before format is UTC-3 so it’s adding 3 hours to the time. You can set your time zone in the workflow settings or maybe in the options from this node?

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I solved the problem selecting the timezone I needed in the node options.


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