DeDuplication Node

Is there a way to run deduplication on an incoming webhook so repeating messages can be filtered out and only trigger the flow once?

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There is no such thing in n8n out of the box.
What I do for this type of thing is hash the value of the input, and save that in a tool like Baserow / Airtable. and then check incoming values with the hashes I’ve saved.
This can also work per item that is being sent in so for example if you have an array coming in of 10 items but only 3 of them are duplicates you can check those the same way.

As @BramKn pointed out does it not exist yet but there is already some work happening on GitHub to allow that in the future.

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Where in Github is there a discussion about this, I would like to get involved.

There is sadly no discussion, there is only a branch:

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