Desktop app/MacOS: where can I see the logs?

Howdy, new user here. I have ample experience with Zapier and Integromat but I love open source and self-hosting.

I started with the desktop app as that seemed the easiest way to get started. As part of my learning journey I’d like to see a bit more of what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’: which requests are sent, what do the responses contain etc. Is there a way to access some kind of logging on desktop?


Hi @bartv, welcome to the community :tada:

n8n desktop would read environment variables from ~/.n8n/n8n-desktop.env and these are the same as for the server versions of n8n.

So you could set N8N_LOG_OUTPUT=file in there and then set N8N_LOG_FILE_LOCATION to a file location you want to write your logs to.

By default you’d get a very limited output, but you can set N8N_LOG_LEVEL=debug to get lots of information, including the HTTP requests made (but not the responses which would instead be available through the n8n UI). All environment variables would be documented here: