Desktop client loses connections and stucks with binary data

Hi, I was recording the desktop client for my video. But very confused of how unstable this client is

  1. It loses connection, showing errors on saving or (de)activating. Needless to say when I reopen the workflow it is saved/(de)activated as expected

  2. When sending files via Telefram, it stucks at some nodes, processing for uncertain amount of time. It may even stuck on deactived nodes like here (GCal node is off):

Looks like the client is not ready to be used.

Windows 10
n8n Windows client v0.160.0

Hi @artildo, this suggests the server-side of n8n would no longer be running. It might be worth having the desktop write its logging information into a file to check if it contains any hint towards what might have happened here. You can find a brief description of how to configure this here:

@MutedJam thank you. Is there a special server devoted to desktop apps?