Digital Ocean Droplet API Authentication issue with HTTP node

I am trying to use the digital ocean API in order to automate taking a server snapshot.

I am brand new to API’s. The DO API docs say

" In order to make an authenticated request, include a bearer-type Authorization header containing your OAuth token. All requests must be made over HTTPS."

I have created the OAuth token and created a header Credential with the token.

But things don’t work.

Any insight into how I can get the HTTP node to connect to the DO service via API?

Can you share the workflow with a dummy authorization header (so that I can have a better look)? The DigitalOcean API is relatively straightforward, so I guess you are placing the token in the wrong place.

Here you go.

You are using header authentication so I’m assuming the issue is there. Set it up like this.

@RicardoE105 - thanks - gave it a go with the set up your suggested with out luck

Error says invalid token but I have checked and it is correct.

I am using the url of my mautic application, I am pretty sure that is what I am meant to do.

I was using the wrong url -

Is what should be used