Disable close without connecting notification when use OAuth2

Hi, n8n community.
Currently, I am developing a node that needs to use OAuth2 to get resources from a 3rd party, but right now their server does not support this protocol. By their guide, I just connected to a pre-set URL with them, and the resource I needed was a string of characters returned with the URL.
The problem is that when I successfully retrieve the character string and save the credential, I click to close the connection form, and a notification popup as shown appears.
I know this is how the state is handled in n8n, but is there any way to close the connection form without this popup?

Hi @Hungnpv - maybe our resident node-builder @marcus can help with this one? :slight_smile:

Hi @Hungnpv,
if your service is supporting real OAuth2 authentication you should be able to connect your account assuming that you have a correclty configured OAuth app. Once connected you OAuth credential will have received the necessary auth tokens and refresh tokens and the dialog won’t appear.

From what I can see it doesn’t seem like you are actually using OAuth, since you also replaced the clientId and clientSecret. What kind of authentication is you service supporting?


Thanks for your reply, my authentication service is not supporting OAuth2. So I think that is the answer.

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