Disabled script still sends requests

I’m confused by the following: I keep receiving HTTP requests from my n8n instance on another server from a script that has already been stopped. I can see the requests in the nginx access log, but there are no corresponding activities in my n8n ‘executions’ list at the times of the requests.

I have since upgraded n8n to the latest version, rebooted my server etc, but to no avail - these requests keep coming.

It appears like these requests have become ‘stuck’ in some component, but I have no idea how to find the root cause of this.

Any ideas how I can handle this?

Update: upon digging I found two ‘waiting’ executions at exactly the time that the events fired. I removed them now and will check again later today. It’s really puzzling to me that these are still active in some way, even after disabling the scenario.

Update: removing the pending tasks fixed the issue. This still feels like a bug to me though: as a user, I expected that disabling the script would completely stop all activity. Perhaps a warning could be shown as that point to educate the user otherwise? (“This script has pending executions that will not be removed when you deactivate the script”).

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Hi @bartv, glad to hear you figured it out. This seems like a sensible suggestion to me, I’ll change your question into a feature request so you and other users can vote on implementing such a warning.

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