Do something in 45 minutes later!

Hi dear friends.

In my case I want to define a workflow that I want to run in future! (For example for 45 minutes later).
For example if one of my user don’t submit something the order is cancelled automatically.

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That will sadly not be possible till a proper wait-functionality got implemented like discussed here:

Mmm we could have a node that consume some of sort of cron api and will fire a webhook 45 min later. At least in the mean time. @jan

I have used this

Yes, that would also work. But not sure if I like the idea to handle that externally.
I would probably not invest time creating an integration for it right now especially because I do expect that many people would use it as it is a paid service.

Good point I thought the had a free plan. This one though has a free plan and works in a similar fashion. @jan