Docker arm images removed

Hi everyone!

Yesterday two commits removed the arm docker images, temporarly apparently…

This just broke my deployment, I moved to another server this night and the new one now cannot pull the images. No problem, I will revert to an old version. But I couldn’t find any announcement or similar for this here or on github?

What is the reason and planned down-time of those arm docker builds?

thank you, best, Simon

Hi @simon,

This is something we were aware of and it was down to providing support for Node 16, @jan answered this same question yesterday here: N8N arm64 container not found if it helps.

It looks like it has now been fixed though so you should be good to go again.

Thanks @jon! I really thought I had checked for other threads, no idea how I missed that one. Good to know, we can close here. Have a nice day!

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