Docker-compose installation line from the Installation guide seems wrong for later versions

I tried to install a new n8n instance, using the line from the #3rd point of the Installation guide. So i substitute 1.27.4 with new 2.2.2 DC versiion in this line:

sudo curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

It downloads nothing and doesn’t build my n8n instance at the end:

If I leave 1.27.4, it works fine.

At the official DC webpage, we see a little bit different command:

curl -SL -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

(I altered the final folder to /usr/local/bin/docker-compose)

What should I do here? Leave 1.27.4 and install according to n8n docs or try to altering to 2.2.2 according to official DC installation guide?

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Hi @artildo, thanks so much for pointing this out!

Should be fine to use the latest version of docker-compose since we don’t use any of the flags not implemented in compose version 2. I am actually running a wild mix of different version between 1.25.0 and 2.2.1 myself with all of them working fine.

I’ll quickly update the docs page with the current command suggested in the docker docs.

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@MutedJam Looking forwart to seeing that. I need this docs updated as I prepare a guide to install n8n. First time I overlooked the “insert new version” rule and used 1.27.4 which was fine. Later I just inserted the note about changing the number — but didn’t test it. I should hoever )

Tbh, version 1.27.4 will also do the job just fine. Looking at Ubuntu’s packages for example, this would be the version they ship with their latest release (with the current LTS using the older version 1.25.0).

But you’re right, this should be updated and it has been :slight_smile:


Ok, I see that by default you recommend to stay on the 1st version and that would be fine. I’ll use this. Thank you @MutedJam

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Oh, tbh this was mostly because I couldn’t think of a “one size fits all command” to install docker compose v2 on x64 as well as ARM CPUs and also because v1 is still the first version to appear on Install Docker Compose | Docker Documentation. So I figured it’s the appropriate version to suggest for now.

But if you prefer v2 there shouldn’t be any problem with using that either.

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They reallly recommend the 1st by default, I see