Docker keeps restarting after updating the latest n8n

Hi guys,

I have had an issue with docker after updating the latest n8n. Not sure what happened, then GG it and think the docker keeps starting constantly. Any idea how to fix this?

I am using Oracle VM and follow this instruction to install N8N on Ubuntu 22.04

Hi @semighoti, can you check your container logs for any errors? docker logs n8n should print them.

As for downgrading to an older version, you could first stop and remove your existing n8n container (docker-compose down), then replace n8nio/n8n:latest in your docker-compose.yml file with something like n8nio/n8n:0.203.1, and then start a new n8n container with docker-compose up --detach.

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HI @MutedJam Thank so much. Appreciate it very much. Save my day

Not sure what happened, but once I downgraded N8N to the previous version, it worked. Then I changed to n8nio/n8n:latest in my docker-compose.yml file and updated again, it worked this time. Now I am running the latest N8N.

Docker performance is so strange. Do we have to update docker or docker-compose normally to be compatible with latest N8N?

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Not that I am aware of at least, though the image behind the latest tag has been changed twice recently (yesterday evening and today). So, I suspect you might have caught a buggy version of n8n unfortunately
(in which case a downgrade usually helps until a fixed version is released).

Anyway, I am glad to hear n8n is back up and running for you, thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

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