Document Mailmerge


Please can you tell me if it is possible to mailmerge data into a word type document?

Thank you!


Can you please elaborate a bit more? not sure what you mean with mailmerge?

Sure, So using integromat as an example - they have a ‘word’ node where you select your template file and within the same node add mailmerge data e.g address one = an item from another node. For the node to work in integromat the ‘word’ node needs to be proceeded by a template source in dropbox. You also define the name of the new file created and then follow with another dropbox node to upload the new mailmerged file into dropbox.

When you say " a word node" are we talking about Google Docs or Microsoft Word? I think you are talking about the Microsoft Word node. Sadly, we do not have an integration with Microsoft Word yet. However, you can make a feature request here in the community and upvote it. The more votes it has, the more chances of being developed.

Thanks Ricardo,

Are there any current nodes that I could use to mailmerge a letter please?

I know I can put data into a google sheet, but I would really need to use google docs so I can add a letter head and footer. I can’t see a google docs node in n8n.

Thanks Paul

We just released a Google Docs node with [email protected]

Thanks Ricardo, I will update and check it out. Thanks again!