Does n8n node allow viewing current execusions


I am running local version of n8n and I am able to do a get on rest/executions-current api using the http node, is this supported with n8n node? I am running to concurency issues and like to check if the current workflow is running, if so delay the run. In order to authenticate, I have to provide my credentials as body pramerter which I am trying to avoid by using n8n node.

Hey @roozbehk,

The n8n works with the public api which doesn’t get current executions, the api you are using is internal and while it can be used may change.

At the moment depending on setup it may require authentication, a better solution if you don’t want to use the credentials in the node might be to create a Redis (or other) database that you call at the start and end of each execution to mark as running or not and base the execution on that.

Thank you, I implemeneted it via redis