Does N8N Support arm64v8 ( aarch64 ) version

I am trying to build a docker file with some additional packages for myself

# Use the official Node.js 18 image as the base image
FROM arm64v8/node:18

# Set the working directory in the container

# Install dependencies
RUN npm install n8n -g

# Expose port 5678 for the n8n web UI

# Set the command to start n8n
CMD ["n8n", "start"]

however this code fails at RUN npm install n8n -g

I want to use this on c7g instance on AWS which is arm based, I suspect that n8n does not support armv64v8 version, am I right?

Hi @Ata_Zangene, n8n does support arm64 :slight_smile:

We’re even targeting this architecture with our own Docker image.

Perhaps you want to build your custom image on top of an existing n8n image to avoid running into trouble with the npm installation process, something like this?

Just tested this on an aarch64 VPS from Hetzner and it completes fine:

perfect, thank you

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