Does N8N use any other internal ports to fetch certain queries


I use N8N in an ECS cluster and map have the following port mapping 80:5678.
The ECS cluster is part of a security group that allows all TCP traffic. Once I remove that and only allow 80, 443, 5678, 3306. N8N UI loads up correctly but gives me a connection timeout for the following endpoints :

Why is it that these endpoints require an inbound port that is not 80, 443, 5678 or 3306. What port is being used to call these endpoints?

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There must be something else going on. n8n does definitely just use that one port and no other.

Thank you @jan

Is there an easy way to debug this? It’s weird that its only those 2 endpoints that are timed out. The rest load up fine, but the n8n UI fails to initialize correctly.

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Any chance you have the static (html, css and js) files cached using a CDN and / or a specific routes that redirects any /rest/* calls to another group of servers?

I am trying to isolate the problem because as Jan said we only use port 5678.

Hey @krynble I don’t think it should have any LB rules or CDNs that route the calls to another group of servers. I am using docker so it should be a very straightforward implementation. I have allowed all traffic for the time being and it is working but will need to figure out why it was failing to load. I can try to reproduce it in an isolated env and provide more information on the same if it’s easier to debug that way.

Hey @yash,

If you hit F12 in your browser it would show you the port being used and what is being blocked although I suspect it could be something with how it is setup.

What environment options have you set up and does the ECS service have any options to set headers like a reverse proxy would do?