Doubt about course 1 and 2 of n8n

I took n8n course 1 and 2, what would be the benefits? can i say i am n8n certified? I had these doubts

Hey @Ruan17,

We don’t really treat it as a “certification” now they are there to mostly teach users how to use n8n and are a requirement for anyone wanting to join our expert program.

I understand, in this case I am not certified, but since I took both courses, can I be called a specialist?

We don’t really have a concept of “specialist” the only official term we use is “Expert” and there is a good amount of vetting that happens to get that status as we want to make sure that our experts have a lot of knowledge with n8n.

Now I understand better, how can I take these tests to become an expert?

Hey @Ruan17,

It isn’t tests as such it would be a call and we would ask you some questions on the call to see how much you know about managing an n8n instance on a server and how you would handle building a workflow.

The idea is there would be no prep time so it comes down to experience of using n8n, how to use the nodes, troubleshooting and some other bits as we are very strict on that process to make sure the quality remains high.

We also look at questions asked in the community and how active an applicant has been with helping others, If you feel up for it you can find the form here: Become an expert we typically do them in small batches so you may not hear anything right away.


I see, I believe I have a good grasp on flow creations, but where could I learn about n8n instance management?

Hey @Ruan17,

That comes from self hosting n8n in different environments and knowing how to update / troubleshoot the environment. A good chunk of what makes an expert good is their experience, You can find the docs on running n8n here: Self-hosting n8n | n8n Docs but it really will take a lot more than reading the docs.

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