Doubts on how to flow

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing well, I have a big question, I’m creating a workflow, where I’m going to receive data via webhook, and at each execution I want to send it sequentially to an HTTP Request, how can I carry out this process? How would the flow look?

Hi @Pedro_Farias, what exactly do you have in mind here when saying send data sequentially to an HTTP Request?

Do you simply want to send data to depending on the data you are receiving in your webhook node? This could look like so in a workflow:

Now whenever you visit https://your.n8n.url/webhook-test/example?message=Hello,%20World!, the webhook node receives the data from the message parameter in the query.message field:

The HTTP Request node then uses this data in its own request body:

Which is also seen by the server receiving the HTTP Request:

Hope this helps!

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