Download and convert csv file to spreadsheet

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I am trying to download a csv file and work with it on n8n after converting it into spreadsheet.
I am familiar with the method for when I get the file from hard disk (Read Binary Data → Spreadsheet)

What is the correct flow when I try to do this when I am not getting the file from local hard disk?
I am trying to get the csv file via http (Download, Webhook etc)

How do I feed the downloaded csv file to binary node and then to spreadsheet node?
My required output: A tabulated data output by spreadsheet node.

What is the error message (if any)?

Below workflow does not give any output from the spreadsheet node. It’s just empty.
I need a table of data.

Please share the workflow

Share the output returned by the last node


Hi @kp-kun-dip, in some cases you’d need to tell n8n that it’s downloading a file rather than fetching a website or calling an API.

You can do this via the “Response” option:

Once you have a valid binary item (like in the screenshot above), you can use the Spreadsheet node directly (without the Move Binary Data node):

Here is the workflow:

Hope this helps!

It works like you said.

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