Download as YAML to improve versioning readability

The idea is:

Download as YAML to improve versioning readability

My use case:

I download the workflow (json) and save it on github to share it publicly and see the changes I’ve made

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Since json doesn’t support line return, it’s very hard to read single line javascript code. Yaml (like this converter does it, supports it and makes the code much more readable

Any resources to support this?

So this logcica/logcica_product_import_from_batra_to_ofn.yml at main · qalincalabs/logcica · GitHub

instead of logcica/logcica_product_import_from_batra_to_ofn.json at main · qalincalabs/logcica · GitHub

Are you willing to work on this?

I’m pretty busy with this at the moment :smiley: GitHub - qalincalabs/logcica: Headless local food system logistic platform. Used by Coconut, Koala and Cockpit

Going further, what if n8n doesn’t suit for a particular workflow, how to migrate to pure javascript ? ::smiley: